Thursday, March 09, 2006

new post

Today I received a voicemail, which simply said, update your blog, I am bored at work....well....I hate to disappoint, so here you go. I have been cheating on my blog, with my myspace account: check it out. My space is fun, and easy for that matter. You have lots of friends, they say nice things to you. It requires the attention span of say a text message, while writing a blog requires the attention span equal to writing an email. In case you've never emailed me, well, I don't respond very quickly if I respond at all. I am not sure why this is, cause I love hearing from people that I don't usually hear from. I think that perhaps it is the aforementioned short attention span.

So....I have a lot going on. Big projects at school, helping to remodel Joel's bathroom --and somehow ending up painting the kitchen too, helping Jason move and decorate, school, work....needing to find an internship for school - which I keep putting off b/c I am unwilling to give up my Saturdays..of course, I'm going to have to anyways. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I feel overwhelmed, so trust me, it is a lot. uh...I am tired...and I just drank some caffeine. I need to finalize my picks from my sisters wedding photos, so for now, I am out! Maybe I'll be back to you soon, hopefully :)