Wednesday, February 01, 2006


My life update: Parker had surgery and all his shots on Monday....he's fine, I know that you were worried. We can also rest assured now that he does NOT have feline lukemia or AIDS. And Jason's little Miss Eva can rest assured that she will not have a teen pregnancy :) I think that he'd be embarassed if he knew I was talking about, I think that I just need to get some sleep.

In real life news...I stayed home from work sick yesterday. Feeling fine now, hope it doesn't come back again. Planning on going to good Ol College Station this weekend with the roomies....should be a fun time!


At 9:25 PM, February 02, 2006, Blogger Kevin Morris said...

Cats schmats.

At 8:22 AM, February 03, 2006, Anonymous Missy said...

You should have told me you were coming to CS! Im going to SA:(


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