Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tampa - the best surprise trip!

I mentioned the other day that I was going on a trip with Jason to Tampa, but that doesn't really explain much of anything. Now, any of you that are here already know the background, but this is for the hundreds of other readers that don't know....Ha, uh, right. For Christmas, Jason gave me a weekend trip, but he didn't tell me where we were going. All I knew was that he had everything taken care of and planned. So, he planned this weekend trip to Tampa, Florida for us...and he even managed to make sure that none of our friends spilled the beans. He had me fully convinced that we were driving and staying close to SA. The night before the secret was leaked, but it was still a whole month of surprise...and I was really excited to hear that he had the whole thing planned for Florida!! We got into Tampa late Friday night, just in time to watch the last half of the Spurs beating Miami. The next day was a long, full, fun day at Busch Gardens. We were there from the time the park opened til it closed, which honestly, I think surprised both of us! Now any of you that know Jason know that he isn't much for roller coasters and other rides that twist your stomach all up, BUT...he was so sweet that he rode the rides with me. Now, I on the other hand really like roller coasters and that feeling you get in your stomach when you are flipped in the air at extreme speeds, but let me tell you.....these rides were NO JOKE! This is the STARTS with a 70 mph 200 foot drop at a 90 degree angle to the ground. So basically you are falling face first for 200 feet as you stare right at the ground that you feel like you are about to splat upon. We actually bought the picture that they take of you on the ride, cause Jason's face, it was priceless! If your interested, go check out the Sheikra. You can see all the pictures, and even do a virtual ride video thing.

Around noon we got to join the Anheuser-Busch Beer School for a beer tasting event. It was a lot more informative and interesting than I expected it to be. They had us pair the different beers with cheese, grapes, and even chocolate. I think that everyone in there was hesitant to try beer after eating milk chocolate, but it actually worked well with the ones that they suggested! It was the perfect break in the day for our feet and to relax a little bit!

Then we rode some other rides, watched a scary "4-D movie - basically 3-D with other special effects that scare the crap out of you if you aren't expecting them - water squirting you, rat tails brushing your leg, etc.... did all sort of the fun little adventure tours through the "African Jungle", feed some of the most gorgeous birds that I've ever seen in real life! These birds were so extremely vibrant in color. They would just fly around and land on whoever the felt like hanging out with. Some people were walking around with three or four birds on them. Jason had fun messing with a few of the birds, and it was pretty funny.

We went to a nice dinner that night. I could barely walk from the blisters on my feet, and Jason kindly walked very slow instead of leaving me in the dust by myself :) The next morning we packed up and headed to the gorgeous Florida beach. It was a perfect day, hard to believe that it is really January! It was a great trip, Jason did an excellent job, and I feel so spoiled to have him plan such a fun trip for me!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Which dog?

My sister Ashley and I were talking about some of our "new" favorite dog I've been googling pictures of them and am curious which one you guys like the best. To be fair, you should google image them yourself so that you can see more than the one picture. She likes the puggle and I've been liking the Tibetan Spaniel for the last year or two. Now there are more common breeds that we both like, but these are our more obscure dogs :) So...pick, which one do you like, or even what other fun breed? I don't care if you never comment on here, leave a comment darn it, cause I want to know about your dog preferences!!
Tibetan Spaniels

PS. I am also going on a little weekend trip this weekend that Jason planned for us. It was a surprise up until last night...and I now know that we are going to Tampa, FL. I know that he already has stuff planned for us and I can't wait to find out what it is! Isn't he so sweet and cute and wonderful ;) I'll update with some pictures next week!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Small class reunion

Over Christmas we decided that some of us that all hung out in high school should actually get together and catch up with one know, face to face and not just by reading each other's blogs :) We tried to have more people there, but in the end, it was a small gathering. We had a fun time catching up with each was me, Catherine, Lindsay and her daughter Shelby, and Tim and his wife Stacy.

Then this past weekend we were able to get some of the people that couldn't be there the first time and it was me, Jillian, Missy - newly married, and Catherine and her sister Becca. Both times we actually went to Chuy's - and believe it or not, I had nothing to do with that choice the second time! Although I had my camera with me (as usual) somehow I didn't ever end up taking a picture this second time...oh well, guess that we'll just have to do it again. I had such a great time at both of these dinners, and am so sad that more of you don't still live in San Antonio. Missy...I know that you are here pretty often, so we really need to stay in tough better...I have so much fun with you and have missed you terribly the last few years. Catherine...Atlanta is a little further away, and law school seems like a legitimate reason to be too busy to visit :) It has been fun getting together with you over the holidays, and we should definitely keep it up...and who knows, maybe one day you will be back closer to where I live and we can hang out even more. I'm glad that you update your blog so much, in some strange way it makes me feel close to you again and I like that a lot! Tim and was really fun getting to meet you Stacy and getting to catch up with you Tim. You guys make a great couple and I am so happy for you guys. Always call when you are going to be in town for a few days and have time after you have visited with all of the fam. Jillian....well, you're my roomie, so I see you. Congratulations on your engagement to Rick! I am so happy for you and so thrilled that I'm going to get to be a bridesmaid! Lindsay, well, you don't read this...but I love you and we need to make time to hang out more often. Love you guys all!

Shelby entertained herself by playing with Parker and then "going fishing" with Parker's little toy!
and here's an updated picture of Mr. Parker, he's definitely not a kitten anymore,
he just a sweet cuddle monster of a cat