Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Painting with Jello

go and check out Jillian's new site where she has all of her awesomely adorable hand painted stuff that she sells. She has frames, wooden letters, and even great furniture. They are really cute....we have several frames in the apartment and even the some of the letters as decorations on our Christmas tree. She'll do special orders or some of it is already done and ready to go.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Lovely Sister's Wedding

I am really behind on posting I figure that I should start with the most important first. Here are a few pictures from Britteny's wedding! It was absolutely wonderful, perfect weather, nothing really went wrong and of course the bride and groom looked beautiful (as usual ;) here are the no particular order, cause I can't figure out how to get them in the right order on this darn site!!
Me and my boyfriend Jason
A pimp family (sis Ashley, cousin Toby, dad and me)
Mom Britt and Dad (for some reason this is the only picture I took that had my mom in it....what a freakin shame! At least the photographer has TONS)
Three of the bridesmaids
The Schaals enter the reception!! can go view their real pictures here. (all 800+ of them!!) Click on Britteny and Chris wedding and the password is Schaal.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

no internet at the casa

one of these days I'd like to post some new pictures, but we have no internet at the apartment...seeing as I have the worlds oldest computer at work, well, I have no pictures here. We had a fun Christmas cocktail party at our apartment and have some fun pictures. It was a fun time and a good turn out! Well...I'll update soon, hopefully!