Monday, November 28, 2005

Missy got married!!

I have been to several wedding since I have last posted, including my own sister's needless to say, I have some pictures to post. I figure though that I might as well start with the most recent wedding since the other posts are very late anyways! And I am hoping that Tim and Stacy check this and see that I actually put their picture up :)
Missy is one of my best friends from high school, but we haven't seen each other in almost two years! It was wonderful to get to see her, and especially to see her so happy and beautiful. At the reception we had a miniature SACS high school reunion. I got to meet Tim's beautiful wife Stacy...and I had to admit that even though she didn't know me at all, I read her blog. They have the most adorable pet squirrel, Libby, that she posts pictures of though, so come on, can you blame me for checking it!! It was really nice to get to catch up with everyone that was there from high school. I also got to meet Tiffany's husband and hear about their lives in Houston. Jillian was also there with her boyfriend Rick so everyone got to meet him. I had to settle for showing them a current picture of my boyfriend Jason, he was in Colorado with family for Thanksgiving. Those that knew him in high school wouldn't even recognize him now! Lindsay also had pictures of Shelby to share, she has gotten so big and adorable...I'll have to get a picture of her to post on here soon.
Any of you guys from SACS that want to all meet up during Christmas, let me know and we can plan something! I think that it would be fun... are a few pictures from Missy's wedding..I just made the collage at the end cause blogger can be kinda annoying when you are trying to load more than 5 pictures. I am working on getting some "real" webspace so that I can post whole albums. Anyone that was there and wants copies of pics, let me know!

Missy and her husband Hootie
The Merkins, Tim and Stacy
The SACS girls with the beautiful bride
Roomies: me and Jillian

Monday, November 07, 2005

oh yeah, I am back from Vegas

Its pretty obvious that I don't really keep up with my blogging. I have been back from Vegas for a week now and am just now thinking to update with a post-Vegas report. We had a really good time, and it was a good preview of the city for my first time. We saw a Cirque show, went dancing at RA, toured the hotels, played a few slots, drank some free and some overpriced drinks, Jason took me to a wonderful steak dinner, we shopped, ate a buffet, rode rides which dangled us thousands of feet in the air at Stratosphere.....and lots more I am sure! You can find the beginnings of a recap at and ALL of our pictures at If I feel so inspired one of these days at work, I may recount some funny stories from the trip. For now, I leave you with a few pictures!!
Jason and I at the Wynn...what an AWESOME hotel!!
Ashley is finally 21!!! Life is going to be a lot more fun now!
Kevin only played one slot, luckily I got a picture of it.....
Ashley and Kevin MAY have convinced some people that they got married.
The ONLY picture of the whole group, at Mystere.
The ride at the top of the Stratosphere...who knew that swings could be quite that frightening?!?