Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kristen needs.....

So, I am borrowing this idea from Catherine
Fifteen Things Kristen Needs:
(this list was created by Googling the term "Kristen needs")

1. Kristen needs gra-ti-fi-cation!
2. Kristen needs book money for class but has no skills besides....(well, I'd rather not say what this Kristen's one skill is!)
3. Kristen needs the stability of a marriage to a man like Donnie.
4. Kristen needs an angle for her story.
5. Kristen needs someone to be at the clam bake while she is in class.
6. Kristen needs friends right now and 'cease and desist' orders run contrary to our community of Kristen Friends
7. Kristen needs help to exit her wheelchair and weighs too much for her aunt...(see, this is why I started working out! It had really gotten that bad :))
8. Kristen needs to learn to pay more attention in class.
9. Kristen needs to find more things to do that make herself happy.
10. Kristen needs a little break. I'm gonna get her some wine and she'll be able to talk in a bit. (Alright!!)
11. Kristen needs a bra. (this is true, I do...and am going to try to go today :)
12. Kristen needs to take the costumes back (see Joel, maybe I shouldn't get a costume for Halloween in Vegas!)
13. Kristen needs to shut her yap about your taste in a car.
14. Kristen needs a healthy red blooded boy, not a drama queen like Stephen. (haha, Laguna Beach maybe)
15. Kristen needs to wash her socks because she will need them on Sunday morning

I have to say that MANY of the "Kristen needs" references were about Kristen on dear ol' Laguna's one of my favorites from that: "Kristen needs to choose who she wants, because she changes who she wants like every five minutes. If you dont want to be with Stephen, tell him..." Yep...I agree, that girl has let this show go to her head. Ok, I'm out of the closet as a LB fan now though :)

haha, good one Catherine, that was funny to search. I must say, I did find a "Kristen needs to die..." I decided I didn't want that to be on my top 15 list!!


At 1:20 PM, October 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll go to the clam bake while you're in class!

-- Catherine

At 8:41 PM, October 21, 2005, Blogger Tim said...

I think Kristen needs to stop watching so many TV shows! I don't even know what Laguna Beach is... i am assuming it is a TV show. Anyways, I got your comments on my blog, it is good to hear from you! Thanks for the comments. Keep in touch. By the way, Since I am not good at keeping up with blogging, Stacy posted some pictures of herself on her blog, you can see how pretty she is from there :)

At 10:13 AM, October 26, 2005, Anonymous Mabel said...

Too funny. I might have to try that one!


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